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1999-03-28 22:46
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2006-09-19 01:24
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avogl 31 (14.3%) 585 (100.0%) 18.8
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mwedel 2006-09-19 01:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 108 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/wall: wall.arc (del), wall_0.111 (del), wall_0.111.png (del), wall_0.111.xpm (del), wall_0.base.111.png (del), wall_1.111 (del), wall_1.111.png (del), wall_1.111.xpm (del), wall_1.base.111.png (del), wall_1_ruin.111 (del), wall_1_ruin.111.png (del), wall_1_ruin.111.xpm (del), wall_1_ruin.base.111.png (del), wall_1_short.111 (del), wall_1_short.111.png (del), wall_1_short.111.xpm (del), wall_1_short.base.111.png (del), wall_2.111 (del), wall_2.111.png (del), wall_2.111.xpm (del), wall_2.base.111.png (del), wall_2_ruin.111 (del), wall_2_ruin.111.png (del), wall_2_ruin.111.xpm (del), wall_2_ruin.base.111.png (del), wall_2_short.111 (del), wall_2_short.111.png (del), wall_2_short.111.xpm (del), wall_2_short.base.111.png (del), wall_3.111 (del), wall_3.111.png (del), wall_3.111.xpm (del), wall_3.base.111.png (del), wall_4.111 (del), wall_4.111.png (del), wall_4.111.xpm (del), wall_4.base.111.png (del), wall_4_ruin.111 (del), wall_4_ruin.111.png (del), wall_4_ruin.111.xpm (del), wall_4_ruin.base.111.png (del), wall_4_short.111 (del), wall_4_short.111.png (del), wall_4_short.111.xpm (del), wall_4_short.base.111.png (del), wall_5.111 (del), wall_5.111.png (del), wall_5.111.xpm (del), wall_5.base.111.png (del), wall_55.111 (del), wall_55.111.png (del), wall_55.111.xpm (del), wall_55.base.111.png (del), wall_6.111 (del), wall_6.111.png (del), wall_6.111.xpm (del), wall_6.base.111.png (del), wall_7.111 (del), wall_7.111.png (del), wall_7.111.xpm (del), wall_7.base.111.png (del), wall_8.111 (del), wall_8.111.png (del), wall_8.111.xpm (del), wall_8.base.111.png (del), wall_8_ruin.111 (del), wall_8_ruin.111.png (del), wall_8_ruin.111.xpm (del), wall_8_ruin.base.111.png (del), wall_8_short.111 (del), wall_8_short.111.png (del), wall_8_short.111.xpm (del), wall_8_short.base.111.png (del), wall_9.111 (del), wall_9.111.png (del), wall_9.111.xpm (del), wall_9.base.111.png (del), wall_A.111 (del), wall_A.111.png (del), wall_A.111.xpm (del), wall_A.base.111.png (del), wall_AA.111 (del), wall_AA.111.png (del), wall_AA.111.xpm (del), wall_AA.base.111.png (del), wall_B.111 (del), wall_B.111.png (del), wall_B.111.xpm (del), wall_B.base.111.png (del), wall_C.111 (del), wall_C.111.png (del), wall_C.111.xpm (del), wall_C.base.111.png (del), wall_D.111 (del), wall_D.111.png (del), wall_D.111.xpm (del), wall_D.base.111.png (del), wall_E.111 (del), wall_E.111.png (del), wall_E.111.xpm (del), wall_E.base.111.png (del), wall_F.111 (del), wall_F.111.png (del), wall_F.111.xpm (del), wall_F.base.111.png (del), window.arc (del), window_0.base.111.png (del), window_1.base.111.png (del)
temitchell 2003-04-28 00:10 Rev.: 2106


0 lines of code changed in 3 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/wall: window.arc (new), window_0.base.111.png (new), window_1.base.111.png (new)
mwedel 2001-12-31 01:02 Rev.: 1487

Rename of files to include base in name - for multiple image set support
in the server. MSW 2001-12-30

0 lines of code changed in 26 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/wall: wall_0.base.111.png (new), wall_1.base.111.png (new), wall_1_ruin.base.111.png (new), wall_1_short.base.111.png (new), wall_2.base.111.png (new), wall_2_ruin.base.111.png (new), wall_2_short.base.111.png (new), wall_3.base.111.png (new), wall_4.base.111.png (new), wall_4_ruin.base.111.png (new), wall_4_short.base.111.png (new), wall_5.base.111.png (new), wall_55.base.111.png (new), wall_6.base.111.png (new), wall_7.base.111.png (new), wall_8.base.111.png (new), wall_8_ruin.base.111.png (new), wall_8_short.base.111.png (new), wall_9.base.111.png (new), wall_A.base.111.png (new), wall_AA.base.111.png (new), wall_B.base.111.png (new), wall_C.base.111.png (new), wall_D.base.111.png (new), wall_E.base.111.png (new), wall_F.base.111.png (new)
avogl 2001-03-29 15:04 Rev.: 906

Fixed the problem with upper/lower case for windows.
"GreatDemon.[a-g]11.*" and "GreatDemon.[A-G]11.*" is the same
in windows. So I replaced "GreatDemon.[a-g]11.*" with
Of course I updated the GreatDemon.arc file as well so
it works.

273 lines of code changed in 13 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/wall: wall.arc (+41), wall_1_ruin.111 (new 11), wall_1_ruin.111.png (new 11), wall_1_ruin.111.xpm (new 37), wall_2_ruin.111 (new 11), wall_2_ruin.111.png (new 12), wall_2_ruin.111.xpm (new 37), wall_4_ruin.111 (new 11), wall_4_ruin.111.png (new 9), wall_4_ruin.111.xpm (new 37), wall_8_ruin.111 (new 11), wall_8_ruin.111.png (new 8), wall_8_ruin.111.xpm (new 37)
avogl 2001-01-27 20:25 Rev.: 748

New pngs by AndreasV and J.Taporg

Set of swall (fence) in png completely redone.
I inserted additional wall-faces for better
look of png maps (so far for: swall, awall, dwall, wall).
These faces are designed to make overlapping walls
with correct iso perspective.

A bunch of new player-class/race pngs.
Looking good... =)

Converted the xpm rune-pics to png without scaling.
Looks much better IMHO.

rest (misc):

A lot of pngs for internal (system) use, and several
other misc pngs.

312 lines of code changed in 18 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/wall: wall_1_short.111 (new 11), wall_1_short.111.png (new 7), wall_1_short.111.xpm (new 30), wall_2_short.111 (new 11), wall_2_short.111.png (new 11), wall_2_short.111.xpm (new 30), wall_4_short.111 (new 11), wall_4_short.111.png (new 8), wall_4_short.111.xpm (new 30), wall_55.111 (new 11), wall_55.111.png (new 8), wall_55.111.xpm (new 37), wall_8_short.111 (new 11), wall_8_short.111.png (new 11), wall_8_short.111.xpm (new 30), wall_AA.111 (new 11), wall_AA.111.png (new 7), wall_AA.111.xpm (new 37)
cvs 2000-05-31 01:15 Rev.: 284

Addition of PNG images. MSW 5/30/2000

0 lines of code changed in 16 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/wall: wall_0.111.png (new), wall_1.111.png (new), wall_2.111.png (new), wall_3.111.png (new), wall_4.111.png (new), wall_5.111.png (new), wall_6.111.png (new), wall_7.111.png (new), wall_8.111.png (new), wall_9.111.png (new), wall_A.111.png (new), wall_B.111.png (new), wall_C.111.png (new), wall_D.111.png (new), wall_E.111.png (new), wall_F.111.png (new)
uid200 1999-03-28 22:46 Rev.: 2

Initial revision

0 lines of code changed in 33 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/wall: wall.arc (new), wall_0.111 (new), wall_0.111.xpm (new), wall_1.111 (new), wall_1.111.xpm (new), wall_2.111 (new), wall_2.111.xpm (new), wall_3.111 (new), wall_3.111.xpm (new), wall_4.111 (new), wall_4.111.xpm (new), wall_5.111 (new), wall_5.111.xpm (new), wall_6.111 (new), wall_6.111.xpm (new), wall_7.111 (new), wall_7.111.xpm (new), wall_8.111 (new), wall_8.111.xpm (new), wall_9.111 (new), wall_9.111.xpm (new), wall_A.111 (new), wall_A.111.xpm (new), wall_B.111 (new), wall_B.111.xpm (new), wall_C.111 (new), wall_C.111.xpm (new), wall_D.111 (new), wall_D.111.xpm (new), wall_E.111 (new), wall_E.111.xpm (new), wall_F.111 (new), wall_F.111.xpm (new)
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