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2001-06-04 20:52
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2006-09-19 01:24
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Most Recent Commits

mwedel 2006-09-19 01:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 27 files:

  • trunk/client/macros: .cvsignore (del), (del), (del), aclocal-include.m4 (del), (del), compiler-flags.m4 (del), curses.m4 (del), gnome-bonobo-check.m4 (del), gnome-common.m4 (del), gnome-fileutils.m4 (del), gnome-gettext.m4 (del), gnome-ghttp-check.m4 (del), gnome-gnorba-check.m4 (del), gnome-guile-checks.m4 (del), gnome-libgtop-check.m4 (del), gnome-objc-checks.m4 (del), gnome-orbit-check.m4 (del), gnome-print-check.m4 (del), gnome-pthread-check.m4 (del), gnome-support.m4 (del), gnome-undelfs.m4 (del), gnome-vfs.m4 (del), gnome-x-checks.m4 (del), gnome-xml-check.m4 (del), gnome.m4 (del), linger.m4 (del), need-declaration.m4 (del)
reeve 2001-06-04 20:52 Rev.: 1164

Initial Gnome client checkin.

0 lines of code changed in 27 files:

  • trunk/client/macros: .cvsignore (new), (new), (new), aclocal-include.m4 (new), (new), compiler-flags.m4 (new), curses.m4 (new), gnome-bonobo-check.m4 (new), gnome-common.m4 (new), gnome-fileutils.m4 (new), gnome-gettext.m4 (new), gnome-ghttp-check.m4 (new), gnome-gnorba-check.m4 (new), gnome-guile-checks.m4 (new), gnome-libgtop-check.m4 (new), gnome-objc-checks.m4 (new), gnome-orbit-check.m4 (new), gnome-print-check.m4 (new), gnome-pthread-check.m4 (new), gnome-support.m4 (new), gnome-undelfs.m4 (new), gnome-vfs.m4 (new), gnome-x-checks.m4 (new), gnome-xml-check.m4 (new), gnome.m4 (new), linger.m4 (new), need-declaration.m4 (new)
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