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2006-05-17 15:00
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2013-05-28 14:09
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Most Recent Commits

akirschbaum 2013-05-28 14:09 Rev.: 9238

Move java sources into common src directory.

0 lines of code changed in 42 files:

  • daimonin/resource/icons: CFIcon.gif (del), CFIntro.gif (del), CreateImageSmallIcon.gif (del), Dir1.gif (del), Dir2.gif (del), Dir3.gif (del), Dir4.gif (del), Dir5.gif (del), Dir6.gif (del), Dir7.gif (del), Dir8.gif (del), EmptySmallIcon.gif (del), ImportTilesetSmallIcon.gif (del), MoveDown.gif (del), MoveUp.gif (del), NewLevelIcon.gif (del), NewLevelSmallIcon.gif (del), NewMapIcon.gif (del), NewMapSmallIcon.gif (del), NextWindowIcon.gif (del), NextWindowSmallIcon.gif (del), OpenLevelIcon.gif (del), OpenLevelSmallIcon.gif (del), OpenMapIcon.gif (del), OpenMapSmallIcon.gif (del), PrevWindowIcon.gif (del), PrevWindowSmallIcon.gif (del), RedoIcon.gif (del), RedoSmallIcon.gif (del), RemoveTilesetSmallIcon.gif (del), RevertIcon.gif (del), SaveLevelAsIcon.gif (del), SaveLevelAsSmallIcon.gif (del), SaveLevelIcon.gif (del), SaveLevelSmallIcon.gif (del), SaveMapAsIcon.gif (del), SaveMapIcon.gif (del), Script.gif (del), UndoIcon.gif (del), UndoSmallIcon.gif (del), app_icon.gif (del), daimoninLogoSmall.png (del)
akirschbaum 2010-06-08 16:44 Rev.: 8291

Rename icon file names.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • daimonin/resource/icons: app_icon.gif (new 1)
akirschbaum 2010-04-28 18:36 Rev.: 7659

Rename 'level' to 'map'.

6 lines of code changed in 6 files:

  • daimonin/resource/icons: NewMapIcon.gif (new 1), NewMapSmallIcon.gif (new 1), OpenMapIcon.gif (new 1), OpenMapSmallIcon.gif (new 1), SaveMapAsIcon.gif (new 1), SaveMapIcon.gif (new 1)
christianhujer 2006-05-17 15:00 Rev.: 2

Imported editors from Crossfire and Daimonin

0 lines of code changed in 35 files:

  • daimonin/resource/icons: CFIcon.gif (new), CFIntro.gif (new), CreateImageSmallIcon.gif (new), Dir1.gif (new), Dir2.gif (new), Dir3.gif (new), Dir4.gif (new), Dir5.gif (new), Dir6.gif (new), Dir7.gif (new), Dir8.gif (new), EmptySmallIcon.gif (new), ImportTilesetSmallIcon.gif (new), MoveDown.gif (new), MoveUp.gif (new), NewLevelIcon.gif (new), NewLevelSmallIcon.gif (new), NextWindowIcon.gif (new), NextWindowSmallIcon.gif (new), OpenLevelIcon.gif (new), OpenLevelSmallIcon.gif (new), PrevWindowIcon.gif (new), PrevWindowSmallIcon.gif (new), RedoIcon.gif (new), RedoSmallIcon.gif (new), RemoveTilesetSmallIcon.gif (new), RevertIcon.gif (new), SaveLevelAsIcon.gif (new), SaveLevelAsSmallIcon.gif (new), SaveLevelIcon.gif (new), SaveLevelSmallIcon.gif (new), Script.gif (new), UndoIcon.gif (new), UndoSmallIcon.gif (new), daimoninLogoSmall.png (new)
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