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anmaster 2009-02-03 08:35 Rev.: 11320

doc/Developers/smooth.pdf, doc/Developers/img/sgrass.base.111.eps,
doc/Developers/img/smoothlevel.eps, doc/Developers/img/canvas_smooth.eps,
doc/Developers/smooth.tex: smooth.pdf was broken (due to someone using
svn:eol-style on it [as far as I can tell], pdf are binary files and shouldn't
be mangled like that!). Also the pdf couldn't be re-generated from smooth.tex
since some of the image files were missing. (They were erroneously removed in
revision 3560). Add the three *.eps needed back. Then regenerate the pdf.
Also some cosmetic changes to the file.

956 lines of code changed in 3 files:

  • doc/Developers/img: canvas_smooth.eps (new 284), sgrass.base.111.eps (new 442), smoothlevel.eps (new 230)
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