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2010-11-15 02:17
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mwedel 2010-11-15 02:17 Rev.: 14097

Add ability for server to provide choice of starting items for new -
characters - add support for sending that data and receiving and validating
the responses. Add DRAGON_FOCUS type which changes the dragon focus.
common/arch.c: Update type checking. Remove check for < 0 - since
unsigned value is passed in, that will never happen.
doc/Developers/protocol: Add information about choice handling.
include/define.h: Add dragon_focus type.
server/ob_types.c: Add call to init_type_dragon_focus()
socket/requestinfo.c: Include choice options in race/class information
we send to client.
socket/request.c: Add handling of item choices during character creation.
types/, types/dragon_focus/dragon_focus.c: Add code to
handle applying dragon focus object.
MSW 2010-11-14

83 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • types/dragon_focus: dragon_focus.c (new 83)
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