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Crossfire Traffic | 2006-January

This is crossfire traffic for January 2006

Crossfire Traffic is a new attempt to create a means to communicate the activity surrounding crossfire in an accessible and non-technical way, it is targeted at those who are curious about what is happening with the project, but find the existing mailing lists, CVS list. forum, wiki and IRC channels overly complicated, scary, or time consuming to read. As such it does not contain any background details, but
instead focuses only on things that are or would be visible to those playing.

Table of Contents:

Mailing List

On the mailing lists this month (these are ongoing topics of discussion, issues that were resolved/implemented are in the Changes section below):

This month has seen more traffic on the crossfire-devel list than there has been for almost 3 years. The main topics of discussion:

  • Modularising the server to allow internal plug-in like behaviour for objects and other parts of the code.
  • new banner proposed for use throughout the crossfire project, it can currently be seen at http://crossfire.real-time.com/demo/
  • Reducing lag, and possible designs to deal with that.
  • Move allow, as a way to counter move_block, and designs for transports (horses, boats, etc)
  • A general call for feature requests for crossfire 2.0, which is now being tracked by the wiki: http://wiki.cross-fire.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/dev#todo_and_ideas
  • Renaming the binaries that crossfire uses, and whether to have a deliberate compatibility break for 2.0
  • Efforts to move pupland into the world map, concerns over the effect this would have on the weather system.
  • Possible changes to the banking and currancy system, including debit cards and higher denomination coinage.
  • A question about how to have objects do damage to a player when held.

Changes that occurred this month:


  • marking an item will now make the throwing skill throw that in preference to any other object.
  • summoned pets won't teleport about so much on tiled maps anymore.
  • servers can now disable stealing from other players
  • spells work better in large areas.
  • all orcknuckle messages now appear in the same place
  • forked lightning will fork properly again.
  • magic walls should work again.
  • servers can now send lists of spells to clients that can choose how to display them.
  • A server will now drop your connection if you fail to enter the correct password too many times in a row. You will be able reconnect again, this is just to prevent any scripted brute force password attempts.

In Bigworld:

  • zorn's castle has increased in size.
  • darcap has a new style of architecture
  • shops in brest have some new doors
  • navar has a prison of its own
  • The dragon hanger network now extends to Nurnberg
  • The easternmost dragon at pupland terminal will take players to Nurnberg
  • The Forgotten town access pass in darcap works again.
  • Lone town is now being served by the Imperial Post Office.
  • There are now animating chandaliers
  • New Floor types, red marble, white and red inlaid marble and white and pink inlaid marble

New Monster:

  • garden gnome

New Items:

Look out for these as you play.

  • pink roses
  • black roses
  • zinc
  • uranium
  • uranium bar
  • uranium hexafloride
  • uranium oxide
  • graphite
  • steel bars
  • hooksword
  • nine ring sword
  • butterfly sword
  • sickle sword
  • cudgel
  • hanging firepot


You will need to update your client to see the effect of these.


  • works better with java 1.5
  • fixed a panel display bug
  • fixed opening containers
  • reduce flickering in map display
  • initial support for client-side scripts
  • spell description panel added


  • will now work for anyone running on a 64-bit processor
  • no longer has a special mode for anyone running with a black & white monitor.
  • is now a grey colour rather than its previous green.


  • close button is greyed out when it won't do anything
  • skills display in a scroll pane
  • a list of known spells can be shown on servers that support it by selecting 'Spells' from the client menu
  • The options window has been simplified and no longer has coloured inventory and coloured text as options


  • fix some OpenGL issues.