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Crossfire Traffic | 2006-September

This is crossfire traffic for September 2006

Crossfire Traffic is a means to communicate the activity surrounding crossfire in an accessible and non-technical way, it is targeted at those who are curious about what is happening with the project, but find the existing mailing lists, CVS list. forum, wiki and IRC channels overly complicated, scary, or time consuming to read. As such it does not contain any background details, but instead focuses only on things that are user-visible.

Table of Contents:

Mailing List

Traffic on the mailing list was mostly in regards to development, however the following topics were discussed and deployed:

  • Spellbooks are named based off the spell school they belong to; Sorcery -> Grimoire, Evocation -> Spellbook, Summoning -> Codex, Pyromancy -> Flametome
  • Bug fixes in regards to the weather code have been announced
  • New cult - Valkyrie, goddess of war

Changes that occurred this month:


  • Waiting to be updated.

New Monster

  • Waiting to be updated.

New Items:

  • Waiting to be updated.


  • Waiting to be updated.


You will need to update your client to see the effect of these.


  • Waiting to be updated.


  • Waiting to be updated.


  • Waiting to be updated.


  • Waiting to be updated.