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Package net.sf.gridarta.model.gameobject

GameObjects are the objects based on Archetypes found on maps.

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Package net.sf.gridarta.model.gameobject Description

GameObjects are the objects based on Archetypes found on maps. Everything related to both of them is handled by this package or one of its sub-packages.

Small GameObject Glossary

The GameObjectType represents the numerical type of objects along with the associated information read from the types description. Archetypes and GameObjects with the same GameObjectType will display the same variant of the attribute editor dialog.
An Archetype is a prototype for the creation of GameObjects. An Archetype is based on a GameObjectType. The information of an Archetype is read from the single archetypes file or collected from the .arc files. Different Archetypes of the same GameObjectType will differ in attributes, e.g. face, weight and value.
A GameObject is an instance of an Archetype as found in game data on a map. A GameObject is thus based on this Archetype. A GameObject can override attributes it inherits from an Archetype by re-declaring them. The editor and the server work slightly different regarding GameObjects. The server uses the same structure for Archetypes and GameObjects, and a GameObject is created by copying an Archetype. The editor creates a GameObject by just linking it to its Archetype and only stores the differences.
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