Crossfire Server, Trunk

Assets are archetypes, treasures, artifacts, in short anything except maps and regions.

They reside in the arch project.

The server can run directly using this arch project, or it may pack everything in consolidated files.

The following files are recognized as assets.

Name Packed to Meaning
*.arc crossfire.arc archetype definition
*.trs crossfire.trs treasure definition
*.face crossfire.face face and animation definition
*.png (if the name conforms to the expected format) crossfire.tar image displayed by the client
image_info image_info faceset definition
messages messages general messages found in readable items
*.formulea and formulae formulae crafting recipes
*.artifact and artifact artifact artifacts
*.quests crossfire.quests quest definition

The packing process is handled by the server binary itself, through the -pack-assets option.

Note that if you have packed assets, then you don't need the arch directory under the installation directory.

Packing assets makes for a faster server start and easier distribution, but makes it harder to contribute back changes – one would need to figure the original split file names.


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