Crossfire Server, Trunk
General concepts

The aim of this page is to describe the general concepts used in the Crossfire sources.

Objects are the base components of Crossfire. They represent everything the player can interact with (items, monsters, walls, exits, ...), and also skills, experience information, diseases, spells, ... See the page about objects for detailed explanations.

Players are obviously players in the game. They move one particular object. See the page about players for detailed explanations.

Maps are where players and monsters dwelve. Maps contain objects, and are the basic loading/saving unit. See the page about maps for details explanations.

Regions are groups of maps, linked to a geographical location in the Crossfire world. See the page about regions for detailed explanations.

Archetypes are templates for the objects. Objects in maps reference one specific archetype, and only fields not equal to the archetype value need to be saved/loaded. See the page about archetypes for detailed explanations.

Artifacts define variations from the predefined object, by providing for instance a different title, specific properties and such. See the page about artifacts for detailed explanations.

Treasure lists define random objects to be found in other objects. This include what is found into chests, the traps that can be put on a door, items a monster can have, ... See the page about treasure lists for detailed explanations.