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Revision 1.3avogl 2001/03/12 23:27:03+1002 -788
Greatly reduced magic resistance for evil masters
and rock crushers. This should give wizard-characters
a fair chance to kill them.

warrior tower:
Created a shortcut to the ancient temple. It's not
all easy to figure out. And one needs to complete
the prerequesite-tests *two* times for it, plus bring up
a fragment of chaos (->Chaoslair).

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Revision 1.2avogl 2001/02/14 21:07:15+827 -241
/city, /Lake_country, /pup_land:

Optical changes ("cosmetics") only.
Used the new png wall-faces to make the maps
look better in png mode.

/mak, /dtabb, /world:

Moved the mak maps (warrior proving tower) from
scorn to dtabb (northeast edge). Reason: Such extremely high-level
maps shouldn't be located in the starting town.
Besides, dtabb has an urgent need for attractive maps.

I also modified the mak maps: Corrected bugs, enhanced
optical appearance and cleaned up some big balancing problems.
(Turban of heavens and ancient bracers for example).
The monsters there still give huge chunks of exp. However,
I prefer to watch how players get along with these maps
before widely reducing exp.
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Revision 1.1mids 2001/02/08 23:09:47None
The Warrior Proofing

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