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gros5 (100.0%) 13851 (100.0%) 13851 (100.0%) 2,770.20

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1/3/06 10:48 AMgros
Several changes for the New Year:
- Improved compliance with the GPL by adding appropriate comments to source files, and a full copy of the GPLv2 license;
- Corrected a bug preventing the content of some panels to be properly displayed. Currently displays everything in a book, though;
- Corrected a dimension bug preventing JDK 1.5 to properly run the client in some cases;
- Added various comments (even if documentation is still far from complete);
- Added a simple build.xml ant "makefile" to make the compilation process (hopefully) easier;
- Removed which was a leftover from the debugging stage.

Note that the reported problem of "run/cast" being unavailable was not corrected, as I wasn't able to reproduce it.
(1 Files changed, 655 Lines changed)
default.theme/fonts/default.ttf 1.1 added 655
12/24/05 2:28 PMgros
Initial revision (4 Files changed, 13196 Lines changed)
default.theme/fonts/courbd.ttf 1.1 added 3951
default.theme/fonts/regular.ttf 1.1 added 4980
default.theme/fonts/cour.ttf 1.1 added 3610
default.theme/fonts/squealer.ttf 1.1 added 655