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Login: garbled
Fullname: garbled
Revisions: 576
Lines of Code: 15101
Added Lines of Code: 67282
Lines of Code per Change: 26.2

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7/15/03 11:45 AMgarbled
Bah.. stupid me forgot to check in this file last night. (1 Files changed, 9 Lines changed)
include/tod.h 1.9 (+9 -1)
7/14/03 5:10 PMgarbled
Disable the feather_map routine, and replace with a jitter factor to smooth
the edges of the weathermaps. If this works out, I'll yank the whole
routine from the code. As of now, as far as I can tell, weather works up
to level 5 properly.
(1 Files changed, 72 Lines changed)
server/weather.c 1.33 (+72 -15)
7/13/03 2:33 AMgarbled
Add selected patches contributed by David Seikel:
Fix the sscanf's in a few of the read operations.
Add the globe_spinning routine to help moosh the humidity around a bit
Add the wind factor stuff
Add the automatic image generation
Make the game stop writing the elevation data all the time.
Some minor humidity tweaks.

Also a few minor tweaks by myself. Not all of David's changes were added
in, but most of them were.
(1 Files changed, 268 Lines changed)
server/weather.c 1.32 (+268 -43)
7/13/03 2:21 AMgarbled
Fix the bug where multi-tiled houses end up partially obscured by the snow. (1 Files changed, 3 Lines changed)
common/object.c 1.70 (+3 -2)
2/25/03 9:08 AMgarbled
For the 1.5 release, put feather_map under dynamiclevel 4. It still has
some issues apparently, and I'm not going to have time to fix them before
the release. This way people can set dynamiclevel to 2 and 3 without
experiencing bizzare problems. 4 and 5 work, but aren't ready for
primetime yet.
(1 Files changed, 4 Lines changed)
server/weather.c 1.29 (+4 -2)
2/13/03 11:57 PMgarbled
fix compile warning generated with -Wall. (1 Files changed, 5 Lines changed)
server/init.c 1.47 (+5 -3)
2/13/03 11:54 PMgarbled
Regen loader.c, add changes to changelog. (2 Files changed, 1613 Lines changed)
common/loader.c 1.38 (+1586 -1560)
ChangeLog 1.43 (+27 -0)
2/13/03 11:50 PMgarbled
Lots of updates here:
common/item.c: make item_power stop showing up in ring short descriptions.
fix some of the items that were double-displaying materialnames, like
mithril mithril chainmail.
common/loader.l: add tooltype
common/utils.c: Unless the object is armour or weapons, pick the first
materialname we find. Now, newly generated diamonds will stack.
Fix name_to_material to return NULL if it finds nothing, fixes
navar_city/museum crash.
Change set_materialname to take a materialtype_t argument, allowing
functions to manually set the materialname, rather than let the
randomizer pick for them.
include/define.h: Add TOOL and BUILDFAC for item building.
include/object.h: add tooltype for item building.
include/materials.h: add M_SPECIAL. Set this in an object, to prevent things
like mithril mithril chainmail. This is primarily only needed in
artifacts, because they change the base material of the arch. Also
useful in things like the demonspawn shield, and on maps.
lib/artifacts: sprinkle M_SPECIAL around.
server/player.c: remove auto_heal. This never should have been
committed, and was never referenced by any code.
server/c_object.c: add item building, but add it disabled. Too many
bugfixes were tied in with this code to cleanly add them. When
enabled, this code will add player item building, similar to
create to take place. Requires a host of graphics and arches
to be useable.
(13 Files changed, 389 Lines changed)
server/commands.c 1.33 (+2 -1)
common/loader.l 1.39 (+8 -3)
include/material.h 1.9 (+3 -12)
common/treasure.c 1.35 (+2 -2)
include/define.h 1.64 (+3 -4)
server/player.c 1.122 (+1 -30)
common/item.c 1.35 (+14 -6)
common/utils.c 1.10 (+21 -13)
lib/artifacts 1.46 (+18 -18)
server/c_object.c 1.46 (+313 -4)
include/sproto.h 1.84 (+1 -0)
include/object.h 1.28 (+2 -1)
include/libproto.h 1.40 (+1 -1)
2/13/03 10:29 PMgarbled
Regen again (1 Files changed, 4 Lines changed)
lib/archetypes 1.120 (+4 -1)
2/13/03 5:52 PMgarbled
Regen for eyeshield (1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
lib/archetypes 1.119 (+1 -1)