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AuthorRevisionsLines of CodeAdded Lines of CodeLines of Code per Change
tchize7 (43.8%) 626 (94.7%) 1121 (58.5%) 89.43
mwedel7 (43.8%) -65 (-9.8%) 561 (29.3%) -9.29
akirschbaum2 (12.5%) 100 (15.1%) 235 (12.3%) 50.00

Commit Log

7/16/05 1:13 PMakirschbaum
*, aclocal.m4, configure: Rebuilt generated files. (1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.12 (+2 -2)
7/8/05 8:03 PMmwedel, configure, aclocal.m4, */ Add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
macro to - this should hopefully supress auto regeneration of
MSW 2005-07-08
(1 Files changed, 6 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.11 (+6 -3)
7/8/05 7:03 PMmwedel
Commit updated makefiles so files these depend on have been updated
MSW 2005-07-08
(1 Files changed, 228 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.10 (+228 -136)
5/6/05 4:10 PMtchize
added a new command to identify the type of text send to client.
media tags can be included inside them. Those text types include
scrolls, books, message of the day, signs, aso.
See protocol doc for details
(1 Files changed, 136 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.9 (+136 -228)
3/9/05 1:17 PMakirschbaum
*, aclocal.m4, configure, utils/config.guess, utils/config.sub,
utils/ Rebuild generated files.
(1 Files changed, 233 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.8 (+233 -133)
1/21/04 2:13 AMmwedel
Rebuilt with up to date aclocal/automake/autoconf so that they all work
MSW 2004-01-20
(1 Files changed, 208 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.7 (+208 -215)
1/18/04 4:51 AMtchize
Rebuilded using because of recent add of a file in server/
Also rebuilded loader.c for linux because loader.l was modified by a windows developper.
(1 Files changed, 215 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.6 (+215 -208)
10/1/03 1:55 AMmwedel
utils/player_dl.html utils/ New files - scripts for allowing
character directories to be downloaded over the web. Add check for 'tar', so that we can put it in the script above. (All of them): Changed because TAR variable propogated to them.
MSW 2003-09-30
(1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.5 (+1 -0)
9/23/03 12:21 AMmwedel
Add conditional compilation to the stop level so that it
only tries to compile crossedit if we have X libraries. Also, rebuild
the files with older version of aclocal/autoheader/automake, so it
shouldn't have as many troubles with some peoples systems.
MSW 2003-09-22
(1 Files changed, 59 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.4 (+59 -136)
6/19/03 5:59 AMtchize
Added support for smoothing to the client.
This will allow (i hope) better graphical results while using very
little bandwidth overhead.
Changes done follows:
- Added protocol command MapExtendedInfos and smooth commands to server
- Added a SetUp paramater in protocol for activating smoothing
(disabled by default) or more general Extended map infos
- Added file lib/smooth a text file containing some smoothing info a
client might ask the server about.
- Changed loader.l to be able to mark an object as 'smoothed' in
archetypes (the smoothlevel parameter) and rebuild loader.c
- Changed lib/ to install lib/smooth file in shared folder
- Rebuild the and the Configure script (using

To be able to smooth, A client commit (the common part+ the gtk part)
will follow and an archetypes commit will also follow.

I will also detail changes to the protocol within a few days
Server has been tested with older client to check backward compatibility
(1 Files changed, 136 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.3 (+136 -59)
2/25/03 1:18 AMmwedel
*/, related files: Updated for 1.5.0
server/attack.c: Don't change weak wall image if no damage was actually done.
server/c_object.c: Include math.h - needed for pow()
server/spell_effect.c: fix infinite loop in town_portal
MSW 2003-02-24
(1 Files changed, 59 Lines changed)
devel/ 1.2 (+59 -136)
1/3/03 6:28 PMmwedel
TODO - add notes about item damage - clear it out of my mailbox.
common/loader.l, loader.c: Add check at load time to see if monsters
hp is higher than its maxhp and print a debug message if so.
devel/Makefile: Remove - makefiles shouldn't be in CVS, only .in versions.
server/attack.c: Fix calculation of max_damage in kill_object - this
was being done incorrectly, resulting in fired spell objects causing
incorrect amounts of damage, resulint in some monsters ending up with
a lot of hp. Fix call to kill_object to pass in correct damage value.
server/monster.c: Put in check so that monster won't regen to more hp
than they should have.
server/spell_util.c: Removed unused variable from move_missile.
server/weather.c: fix bug that causes crash if empty space is encountered
on map.
MSW 2003-01-03
(1 Files changed, 0 Lines changed)
devel/Makefile 1.2 removed
12/31/02 7:36 AMtchize
Added crossfire-config to the build list of the and regenerated the Makefiles and to handle it
(2 Files changed, 496 Lines changed)
devel/Makefile 1.1 added
devel/ 1.1 added 496
12/31/02 7:12 AMtchize
Small tool for easier plugin developpement.

This tool is written to get informations about compiled server directories.
compiled name is crossfire-config.
Should make plugin configure script developpement easier.
(2 Files changed, 138 Lines changed)
devel/devel.c 1.1 added 89
devel/ 1.1 added 49