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Re: vulnerable

> Last week I started to look at the code and
> found that the varible vulnerable isn't used in combat. Don't know
> if I have totaly missunderstod the code but I did  'grep vulnerable
> *.c *.h' and it showed me that the only files vulnerable is used is
> object.c, living.c, treasure.c, global.h and object.h. Shouldn't
> it be used in hit_player where you calculate the damage?

Indeed!  I don't know about 0.87.8, but it has definitely fallen
out of hit_player() in 0.88.  I'll fix it and put up a new
beta 0.88 version in a moment.
Oh, and for those who don't know about 0.88 yet:

ftp to, type "cd /pub/crossfire/beta/release" and see
what lies there.  The version number hasn't changed in a while, but
I generally put up new versions each time I fix/add something.

Beware though, this is a very buggy version! (reports of
bug-tracking from core-dumps are always welcome)

The reason I'm still at 0.88.0 is that I've still not finished a feature
I wished to be in that version...