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Re: Daily Segmentation fault

> Over the last week I have had to reinstall crossfire 5 times. As it keeps 
> comming up with the error :-
> Welcome to CrossFire, v0.87.8, copyright (C) 1992 Frank Tore Johansen.
> Trying to fix fontpath for display
> Emergency save:  Segmentation fault
> Do you know why this might be happening ???

Could be that you have set the FONTDIR variable wrong in the Imakefile.
Try to manually type "xset +fp <your fontdir>" and see if that works.

There are a couple of things that often go wrong with fonts:
a) Some directory leading to or some file in the font-directory
   isn't world-readable.  This is required as the X-server uses
   no special (root)privileges when reading the fonts and the
   fonts.dir files.
b) If you are using an X-terminal, it is possible that the directory
   where you put the font isn't mounted by the X-terminal, eventhough
   it is mounted by the computer you've logged on to via it.

Hope this helps.