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Re: Crossfire - Openwindows

> Are there anyone here proficient enough with OpenWindows to know what
> went wrong when a person trying to compile crossfire 0.88.5 got the
> following error:
> > convertfont crossfire.bdf
> > crossfire.bdf->./crossfire24.fb
> > cp crossfire.bdf /private/games/crossfire/fonts
> > cp crossfire.fb /private/games/crossfire/fonts
> > bldfamily -d /private/games/crossfire/fonts
> > * crossfire            /private/games/crossfire/fonts/crossfire.ff (Encoding: unknown)

I don't think that's an error. I get the same thing here and the font works.
(In fact half the fonts in the openwin/lib/fonts directory say the same thing).


Rupert G. Goldie,