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maps for crossfire 89.3 (from crossedit 0.7)

I have a complete set of maps working for this version of crossfire
available from

What's different about these? Well, they are the distribution someone
made available a while ago, with the new world and brittany merged in. 
However, when I picked up these maps, they didn't work very well at all.
 So... features of this distribution:
	* All exit destinations fixed (those that weren't fixed in previous distrib).
	* Britanny images, etc converted to this version.
	* All map paths and routes are verified by program. All maps are
reachable, and returnable!
	* All maps which had become disconnected were fixed up and plugged in.
	* All archetypes are verified for existence (the distribution comes
with a large archetypes listing containing all archetypes I could find).
	* The archetypes, maps and font are in the same distribution: no
problems with lack-of-sync!

What you need to do:
	1) get the distribution
	2) unzip the distribution in the crossfire lib directory
	3) make sure the font directory is mkfont'd etc.
	4) go!

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