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Re: fonts

"Eric A. Anderson" <> recently wrote:

>The original crossclient handled this problem by transferring the .bdf
>file that was used by the server to the local machine and then adding
>that to the fontpath.  If someone wanted to re-add this feature to the
>current version it would probably be a good idea.  It might be better
>to have a second server though to keep the crossfire program from
>locking up while transfering the font.

Well' what we've been doing on our server is using this cool new feature
of X11R5, namely font servers.  We use the X11R5 font server 'fs' to
distribute our latest crossfire font to whoever wants it.  If you're
playing on an X11R5 server that supports tcp fonts, you just add our fonts
server to your font path (i.e. xset +fp tcp/ ), and
then play crossfire.    It works really well, IMHO.

Why hack crossfire to distribute the fonts when the X consortium's already
done it for you?

BTW, the soda server will be up but moved to in a few
days. We've managed to convert the entire old 89.2 map collection into
the 89.3 format.  I  wrote a couple of C converter programs for this that
I'll distribute if people are interested...

Oh, and crossedit 0.7 is really cool.  Some of the config files came a bit
messed up, but other than that, I really like it!

 ERic mehlhaff,