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Re: does large ice storm exist?

  Regarding large icestorm:  the spell does indeed exist.
In the server code you download, it is TURNED OFF, meaning
you can't find any spellbooks of large icestorm.

  Turned off also are these spells:

  regenerate spellpoints

  Recognize some of them?  If so, then it's because your server
god has turned them on.  Get your server-god to turn on large
icestorm, too, if you want to play with it.

  I think that these spells were intended originally only for
use by dragons, for dragonbreath, and chinese dragons, for
large icestorm.

  Some, but not all, of these spells are turned on at the 13326 server, which is currently down during an
upgrade to the crossedit-0.7 version.

  The eventual plan is to make it so that learning these spells is
the result of a quest, not just money and a bookstore.



  To be released real soon now, the Soda Spells--

mystic fist--smack your enemies with a psychic extension of your body!
ball lightning--loose a ball of lightning to wreak havok amongst your
 		enemies, look out, though!  It may go after YOU.
shockwave--Blast those pesky monsters with a physical attack.  Immune to
	   fire?  SHOCKWAVE.  Too bad it doesn't work on monsters immune
	   to magic....
comet--shoot a cosmic rock, which hits for megadamage, and THEN explodes
       into a fireball!  The trail is something to see!
meteor-swarm--shoot LOTS of cosmic rocks!  (This spell ROCKS!)
color-spray--Not sure what will work on this monster?  Blast it with color
	     spray!  Unless it's immune to magic, ONE of it's many attacks
	     will make it regret facing you!
immunity spells--Tired of getting blasted by dragons' breath?  Cast immunity
		 to fire!  (Hope you've got lots of sp, though!  And your
		 wisdom better be almost godlike!)