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Re: spells and such

> Begin forwarded message:

> Ok, so Wisdom is the ability.  What is Int used for then?  I would
> think Spell Casting - but I have been uimpressed with my success at
> casting Minor Heal (its good but not that good).
> Or maybe Int used in your mana total?


> And how do I improve Wis asides from rings and amulets?

> And what is the formula for the % of me learning a spell with
> a certain Wisdom, level, and spell level?

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> Denis Papp      _  __    _                         

The actually calcultion depends on 


as seen in apply.c of server code which shows that only wisdom affects your  
ability.  I hacked some code into my server such that its a wisdom |  
intelligence factor multiplied by another factor based on the delta between  
your level and the level of the spell.  This makes it much more realistic.  I'm  
also planning on doing something to the chance of the spell working which bases  
it on wisdom | intelligence * delta_level also.

Kenneth Brunsen