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Re: claus anyone?

> Hi all,

> we've been playing crossfire here for a while now, and we've got quite high-
> level characters (38 is the highest).  We've just come across claus after
> going down the well in Santa Dominion, and he's a bit hard.  He doesn't
> appear in any of the spoiler files, so any tips for taking him on would be
> gratefully received!  Also, we can't find any gauntlets, speed boots,
> etc. anywhere.  Spellbooks of large icestorm are also elusive.  We've had
> loads of the artifact weapons, but things certain ones like Excalibur haven't
> come up yet. If anyone can tell me where to look for some of the really good
> stuff, let me know.  And if you know of some really exciting places to go  
> you think we might not have found yet, again drop me a line!

> Cheers,

> Simon

Try the Dragon Inn in Euer (spelling ?) which is reached from boat from Santa  
Dominion.  Lotsa Chinese dragons, then Dreads, then Behemoths with a high  
quality goodie at the end (I got Holy Avenger there).  Luck!



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