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Papp Denis Richard <> recently wrote:

>Crossfire servers
>1) Do I need crossclient to actually play the game?  Maybe it just helps?

Crossfire's client, right now, is only slightly more easy to use than just
telnetting to the crossfire port of the server.  playing via telnet is
simple and easy.

First, xhost + [crossfire server], so that it can throw up the X windows
once it's started.

Then telnet crossfire_server crossfire_port .  The normal crossfire port
is 13326.  So it'd work something like 'telnet 13326'

Once you're connected, you can do a number of commands. 'help' is  one of
them, which will list the other commands (BTW, crossfire's socket help
really could use some completion).  'add' is another one, and it's how
you get into the game:  i.e. add would add the

>2) A list of crossfire servers?
>3) How to connect to a server?
>  I heard of 13326 but it never connects for
>me, just sort of freezes

Unless someone fixed it, it's very easy for the crossfire server to crash
in a mode where it gets stuck in a 'crash loop' -- the fault handler
itself might fault, triggering itself, causing an infinite recursion. :-P

	We've got a pretty cool hacked up crossfire running on on the standard port.  We've added a few (dozen almost)
new spells, fixed a mess of bugs (tell and say actually work now!), and
some other things.  It's a pity that crossfire is single process, as our
machine is parallel-processor with several 16mhz I386 cpus -- crossfire
crawls sometimes, even through we can run netrek servers with no

BTW, is anyone still working on breaking crossfire up into server-client?
I haven't actually attacked the crossfire source yet, we do have plans to
work on it here. I've even written most of the networking code...

 ERic mehlhaff,