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Hello, well.....I wanted to make a proposal.....for artifacts.

I was thinking about adding a global variable called unique of type object.

And then adding yet another flag to the object struct. 

Basically, If an item has the unique flag then whenever the item is picked
up by a is added to the linked list of unique objects....if the
player drops the item then the item is removed from the unique list......

Everytime an item is added or removed....then a file...which mirrors the list
will be case of a game crash...we still have an idea of what
items people have with them. :>

Then when a unique item is encountered.....when a map is loaded or from a 
random atifact square.....if that item is on the unique would not be
placed on the map :> either not placed...or replaced with a different item :>

what do you all think? would be nice to have an archetype called "reset" which when applyed
would reset a given map :>