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Re: Smart monsters

> From: Petri Heinil{ <>
> >From:  (Raphael Quinet)
> >Most people agree on the fact that the "@match" command isn't powerful
> >enough, but is there someone with better ideas in mind (or in C) ?
> >
> Script-languge for programming monsters. Language would be placed into
> archetypes. For performance reasons it would reduce the amount of 
> monsters radically.

Are you already working on it ?

What kind of commands would be allowed in the language ?  I think that only
a few monsters need to be "smarter".  In fact, only the friendly ones.
What I had in mind is some kind of replacement for the "@match" command :
the NPC would do something (give an object, say something, cast a spell,...)
according to a given set of possible "events" (something said by the player
- like in the @match command, some object given by the player,...).  This
would keep things simple and would not reduce the amount of monsters.