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Re: Any version after 89.2

"Eric A. Anderson" <> recently wrote:

>Is there any version of crossfire out after 89.2 that is stable?  For
>those that are interested, since my machine is back at school, there
>will be a server running on

Well, there was that v89.3 that was unofficialy put out in the crossedit-0.5
distribution.  It, unfortunately, doesn't work that well.  We basically
adopted its changes on our server, and are still recovering from the
'growing pains'.  I'd like to know where I can get some of the bitmaps
that it apparently references in its archetypes.

We've done a lot of interesting thigns with crossfire on, and when we get it reasonably stable, I'll put our
source up for ftp in the crossfire sites' incoming directory.

 ERic mehlhaff,