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Re: Arch not found...

 I dislike the idea of clean removing all those lib files.  I really do not
want to make the arch directory a required part of the distribution - it
should only be needed by those adding new archetypes or doing more
esoteric functions (like making the spoiler file.  Which, btw, I will
pre-make one before I tar up each version.)

 As such, make clean should not remove files that are not re-creatable from
the standard distribution.  In fact, for a great many people, the archetypes
bmaps, and crossfire.* files will never need to be altered.

 To force a rebuild of those, I jsut remove the archetypes file.

 Many users might do 'make clean' to clear out all the binaries and
other files not necessary to running the game.  IF it cleared out the
lib directory, this might create major headaches for those who are just
interested in playing, and not hacking.