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Re: TODO list

	Just make sure that the pickup-mode doesn't know more than the player
	- ie. check if the objects are identified first :-)

  That's exactly why I proposed allowing identify to identify stuff
below the character if his inventory is known.  :->   I intend to make
that happen soon.  (Though probably not for the next release.)

  My idea is to automatically pick up items that are 'worth' carrying around,
things that are both light and valuable, and the measure is value/weight.
I will make it so that all things below the player of a certain value/weight
or greater (determined by the player's preference) are picked up without
the player having to mess with it.

  Unidentified things are generally pretty worthless, so I won't have to do
much thinking.  I will, however, be careful.
  I most likely won't do these by this weekend, so if anyone wants to
take these up and do them by Sunday, then feel free!  That's when 
 said he wanted patches by....