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Re: I Need NeXT help

>  P.S.  The server will be back up
>  as soon as I get the latest version going...  I'll post
>  again when it's ready.

I might think about holding off on installing 0.90.1 and stay with  
0.90.0 until the next one is released.  0.90.0 is much much more  
stable than 0.90.1 (at least on a NeXT), and has some features  
removed that were cool in 0.90.0.  (search, random encounters)  The  
crossedit in 0.90.1 won't compile at all on a NeXT.  The crossedit  
with 0.90.0 was very unstable, but at least if you saved often you  
could eventually come up with a map.