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Re: Status of xfire. Client/server 3d.

> I have been thinking about doing a client/server version of it
> for a while, and may get started on it.  I was also thinking
> of redoing the interface, make it 3D.  Much like Ulitma Underworld
> or Doom.  
> As I have stated before, I really enjoy crossfire, but due to
> the speed (mainly) I find it unplayable in the long term
> sense.

Ummm... do you expect a 3d version of crossfire to be faster?
Or is it that the 2d version is too fast?

I have this vague suspicion that a 3d version of crossfire would
have to be a lot slower... (Having seen linuxxdoom)

Or maybe not -- I have been wrong before :-)

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