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No Subject

SOrry... Tell me one again who to mail bug reports to, and i'll make a alias
in my cshrc file and not forget again. :)


Selling a 'Book' found in the Tower next to the shop, it read "Please don't kill
the secretary". It said it was worth a gold piece...

(gdb) where
#0  0x8dd20 in kill ()
#1  0x905e4 in abort ()
#2  0x4805c in remove_ob (op=0x1bef00) at object.c:806
#3  0x59b88 in clean_object (op=0x1bef00) at map.c:1138
#4  0x5a084 in free_map (m=0x1e7948, flag=2808888) at map.c:1137
#5  0x39080 in swap_below_max (except_level=0xccba8 "/brittany/Brest/brest")
    at swap.c:54
#6  0x1f5a4 in enter_exit (op=0x3369a0, exit_ob=0x1b0038) at main.c:287
#7  0x4aa0 in apply (op=0x3369a0, tmp=0x1b0038) at apply.c:685
#8  0x5ddc in apply_below (op=0x3369a0) at apply.c:1227
#9  0xcf44 in command_apply (op=0x3369a0, params=0x0) at c_object.c:196
#10 0x121cc in parse_key (op=0x3369a0, k=65 'A', kc=84 'T', keysym=65)
    at commands.c:553
#11 0x2a2a0 in handle_player (op=0x3369a0) at player.c:1510
#12 0x1faf4 in process_players1 (map=0x0) at main.c:522
#13 0x1fd54 in process_events (map=0x0) at main.c:589
#14 0x205cc in main (argc=738304, argv=0xeffff9e4, env=0xeffff9f4)
    at main.c:824