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Container bug in 0.92.0 (and earlier)

	I've been running 0.92.0 (with Brian's excellent skills
patches) and find it to be a very definite improvement (thanks to all
the coders!).  But there is one nagging problem which I believe has
been around for a while (I've seen it in 0.91.8 or earlier) and which
has been cropping up a lot recently on my machine: container weights
can go negative.  More specifically, emptying a container by dumping
out its contents all at once tends to confuse the inventory system and
ends up with the container having a negative weight.  This has occured
for sacks, pouches, and a Luggage (I am guessing it could occur for
all containers, though).  The sacks and pouches were not magical, but
the Luggage obviously is.  This may not be related, but I've noticed
that a lot of the time this problem happens when the container
initially is storing many items (especially lots of light objects,
like scrolls), leading me to hypothesize that perhaps there's some
cumulative round-off error occuring somewhere.  I say that this is a
problem because then the game generally (haven't found a pattern for
this one yet) won't let you put any objects back into such a
container.  (Although you can still carry the container around for the
speed benefits. :)  I am hoping someone familiar with the inventory
code might find the time to take a look at this.