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Re: Crossfire 0.92.0 released.

On Sep 21,  4:39pm, Arne Wichmann wrote:
> Subject: Re: Crossfire 0.92.0 released.
> Apropos 0.92...
> What happened to cfclient? Tha last version I saw i still at 0.91.8,
> and we didn't get it to work reasonably...
> cu
> AW
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> Arne Wichmann ()
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 The reason I hhave not made any new releases is because no work has really
gone on with it.

 I have done a little work post 92.0 with it, so it works a bit better.  It is
a bit of a problem in that a lot of the code (in fact most of it) is from Eric
Anderson, and has no documentation on what it does, or idea behind it.  So
while it isn't that bad to do a bit of hacking on it, once you really start
getting into it, it becomes very difficult, since I had no real idea what it
was doing.