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Address change...

   I have decided that (at least for a while) I will be leaving
my current company, Cadence Design Systems, to pursue some 
opportunities as an independant software developer.  This implies
several things of interest to at least some of you:

   1) My email address will no longer be ""
   2) My new email address will be ""
   3) I will no longer have access to fancy Sun SPARCstations
      on which to do X programming.  This means (sadly) that 
      my current work on rewriting player generation algorithms,
      etc., will have to be dropped.
   4) I will have access to fancy x86 Microsoft Windows machines.
      If I find a free block of time I might even consider trying
      to write a Windows client for Crossfire.  If I'm really
      adventurous maybe I'd even consider trying to port the

Sorry to waste bandwidth for those of you who don't really have
an interest in this, but it seemed to be the best way to tell
everyone in one fell swoop.


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