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Re: Crossfire

>   Is the newest version out of crossfire 0.91.7.
Hmmm ... contains:
beyla ~ftp/pub/crossfire >ls
README                          crossfire-0.91.8.maps.tar.gz
archive/                        crossfire-0.91.8.tar.gz
crossedit-0.7.tar.Z             crossfire-0.91.9-README
crossfire-0.01.tar.gz           crossfire-0.91.9.arch.tar.gz
crossfire-0.10.tar.gz           crossfire-0.91.9.lib.tar.gz
crossfire-0.91.6-0.91.7.diff.gz crossfire-0.91.9.tar.gz
crossfire-0.91.7-0.91.8.diff.gz eutl.tar.gz
crossfire-0.91.8-README         incoming/
crossfire-0.91.8.arch.tar.gz    www/

>   It looks like a great game, but I can't decompress the damn thing, so
> maybe you could tell me when you are going public or if theres a place out
> there where I can get crossfire thats in a zipped format.

You 'uncompress' a .Z file
You 'gunzip' a .gz file
You 'tar -xvf' a .tar file
(You can also '/local/gnu/bin/tar -xvzf' a .tar.Z or a .tar.gz file) 

If you lack any of these files, I'm sure someone can pkzip'em for you ;)