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Re: CF: RE: proposed docs (longish)

 I will merge responses into several messages into one.

 Docs:  I agree that interface and 'game play' section should be seperate.  If
it is done with HTML, it is also very easy to create a top index that has a
selection for these different pages anyways.

 Game play specifics:  I would argue that anything that a person living in taht
world would know about should be mentioned.  To some extent, I don't like the
idea of someone choosing a class, and then having to find out later on that
that isn't the class taht can cast this spell or whatever else.  Other obvious
stuff should also be in there - if the players want to play without that
information and explore for themself, so be it.  But some people probably would
like to have some idea of what the different things are before they start.

 HTML vs latex:  I am not sure of the quality of the converters - some has send
that latex->html isn't very good.  But most all web viewers let you print out
the HTML file, either as a postscript file (which we could distribute also), or
to a printer.  IT is not needed to be running a copy of netscape while playing,
but you may want to.

 It certainly depends on the audience.  The only reason I installed latex/tex
on my home machine was so I could generate the spoiler documentation.  I would
but that there are a lot of other people out there who don't use latex either.
 The advantage of html is that is is universal.  If a mac or windows client is
ever made, they could view the documentation.  I would guess that postscript
and/or latex viewers are not as readily available on those systems.

 Long texts and usefullness of text window:  The latest client did have
scrollbar support - that should at least fix that problem.  I haven't bother
merging it into the old code - not quite as easy, and I don't have lots of free