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CF: spelllist/potion effects (long)

	Hi all, 

	It seems that spellcasting from 'secondary' agents like
	altars (Marks new code), runes (comment from someone
	trying to make a "rune of staff to snake") and potions
	(eg. alchemy code) have shown there is increased interest 
	in how spells might function when cast from objects.

	Here below then are my notes as to how the spells function
	(or dont) when cast from potions. There may be a differenct
	between the effects recorded below and what may arise 
	if that spell were cast from an altar instead. In the several
	cases I have tested, I saw no difference though.

	Hopefully this list will prove usefull to other map makers. 



	Effects of spells imbedded into potions -b.t.

	  These are the "empirical" results of my testing the CF 0.92.4
	spell code. Seven main general effects, related to the way in
	which the spell manifests, are noted:

	      "360"  	Indicates that the spell is released as 
			in a 360 degree field of effect, centered
			on the potion user. User is uneffected. 

	      "attack" 	Indicates that spell is released, centered
			on the potion 'user'. One day, when the 
			throwing code is fixed, the 'user' can include 
			the target of a thrown potion.

	      "self"	Similar to "attack" but no 'visual' effect
			occurs and no others are effected.

	      "golem"	A creature controled by the potion user is

	      "create"	Makes an item in the user's square. 

	      "destroy"	Destroys items/creatures surrounding the user.

	      "summon" 	Summons creatures friendly to user, but not 
			strickly controled by the user.

	Looking at the list below, it would appear that the "golem","360"
	and "attack" spells are most likely to work. Real problems seem 
	to exist for casting many of the clerical spells. 

	Unless otherwise noted, all spells work.

	Sp#. SPELL		Effect		Notes
	--------------		----------	----------------------------- 

	1. sm. fireball		attack		
	2. md. fireball		attack
	3. lg. fireball		attack
	4. burning hands	360
	5. sm. lightning	attack
	6. lg. lightning	attack
	7. magic missile	attack		No visual effect.	
	8. create bomb		create 		creates bomb at user's feet.
	9. create golem	 	golem		no xp gain for golem kills.	
	10 - 13. create 	golem			""
	14. dimension door	self		nothing happens; asks 
						"what direction?"
	15. create earth wall 	create		fails; asks "what direction?"
	16. paralyze		360
	17. icestorm		360
	18. magic mapping	self		works fine.
	19. turn undead		360
 	20. poison cloud	360?		user appears unaffected.
	21. fear		360
	22. wonder		360		flowers appear, other effects?
	23. destruction		destroy		works, but says "you killed
						<victim> with <username>" odd.
	24. percieve self	self			 
	25. word of recall	self		
	26. invisibility	self		in 0.92.4 code this failed,
						bug fixed for 0.92.5+ (?)
	27. invis. to undead	self		as for invisibility
	28. probe		self		bizarre. gives user weight.
	29. large bullet	attack		fails. nothing happens.
	30. improv. invis.	self		same as for invisibility.
	31. holy word		360		failed, says "need to worship
						a god". Might work if you are
						a worshipper??
	32. minor healing	self	  	Heals others if nearby??	
	33. med. healing	self			""	
	34. major healing	self		        "" 
	35. heal		self		 	"" 
	36. create food		create		food appears below user.
	37. earth to dust	destroy		fails. 
	38. armour		self		
	39. strength		self		works fine. 
	40. dexterity		self
	41. constitution	self
	42. charisma		self
	43. create fire wall	create		fails; as create earth wall.	
	44. create frost wall	create		fails; as above
	45 - 53. protection	self		all work well
		 from ?? spells
	54. levitation		self
	55. sm. speedball	attack		no effect.
	56. lg. speedball	attack		no effect.
	57. hellfire		360
	58. dragon breath	360
	59. lg. icestorm	360
	60. charging		self?		fails.
	61. polymorph		attack?		fails. nothing happens.
	62. cancellation	attack?		fails. nothing happens.
	63. confusion		self		works, says "hands glow red"
	64. mass confusion	360 		
	65. summon pet monst.	summon		works, but no text.
	66. slow		360
	67. regenerate sp. 	self		
	68. cure poison		self
	69. prot. from conf.	self		
	70. prot. from cancel	self
	71. prot. from deplete	self
	72. alchemy		360		works, only adjacent sq. effected 
	73. remove curse	self	
	74. remove damnation	self
	75. identify		self
	76. detect magic	360
	77. detect monster	360
	78. detect evil		360
	79. detect curse	360
	80. heroism		self
	81. aggravation		???		failed. 
	82. firebolt		attack		
	83. frostbolt		attack
	84. shockwave 		360
	85. colorspray		360
	86. haste		self		failed?. effect is very small.
	87. face of death. 	360
	88. ball lightning	create		on users sq. attacks user?
	89. meteor swarm	attack		very deadly.
	90. comet		attack		deadly.
	91. mystic fist		golem		as other golem spells.
	92. raise dead		????		not tested
	93. resurrection	????		not tested
	94. reincarnation	????		not tested
	95-103. immunity spells self
	104. invulnerability	self		
	105. defense		self	
	106. rune of fire	create		fails; rune appears above user 
	107. rune of frost	create		 ""
	108. rune of shock	create		 ""
	109. rune of blasting	create		 ""
	110. rune of death	create		 "" 
	111. rune of marking	create		 ""
	112. build director	create		works; below user in facing dir  
	113. create pool chaos	create		failed.
	114. build bullet wall	create		appears on top of user;points
						in user facing direction.
	115. build lightn. wall	create		as build bull. wall above
	116. build fire wall	create		as build bull. wall above
	117. magic rune		create		failed.
	118. rune of mag. drain	create		as other runes
	119. anti-mag. rune	create		 ""
	120. rune of transfer	create		 ""
	121. transference	attack		works; can kill user
	122. magic drain	attack		works
	123. counterspell	360
	124. disarm		????		works?
	125. cure confusion	self
	126. restoration	self
	127. summon evil mon.	summon		failed.
	128. counterwall	create		fails; asks "what direction?"
	129. cause lht. wounds	attack		bizarre; req. worship a god.
						fails to work if you do.
	130. cause med. wounds	attack		 ""
	131. cause ser. wounds	attack		 ""
	132. charm monster	attack		fails
	133. banishment		360		as "holy word"
	134. create missile	create		creates missiles in user 
						inventory! Works I guess.
	135. show invisible	self		
	136. xray vision	self		
	137. pacify		attack		fails
	138. summon fog		create		creates fog above user.
	139. steambolt		attack		works; later steam surr. user.
	140. command undead	attack		appears to fail
	141. holy orb		attack		fails; as "holy word"
	142. summon avatar	golem		 ""
	143. holy possession	self		fails; get "empty blessing" msg.
	144. bless		self		 ""
	145. curse		self/attack	 ""
	146. regeneration	self		
	147. concecrate altar	????		fails; need "god to worship". In
						that case fails too.
	148. summon cult mon.	summon		failed; might work if right
						god is worshiped.
	149. cause crit. wounds	attack		failed; as other "wounds" spells
	150. retrib. strike	attack		failed majorly! CF code thrown
						into inf. loop. DONT USE THIS!! 
	151. finger of death	attack		as retrib. strike!
	152. insect plague	attack		as retrib. strike!
	153. finger of death	attack		as retrib. strike!
	154. call holy servnt.	golem		as summon avatar.
	155. wall of thorns	create		fails as counterwall
	156. staff to snake	create?		fails
	157. light		create		fails, asks "what direction"
	158. darkness		create		 ""
	159. nightfall		????		
	160. daylight		????
	161. sunspear		attack		
	162. faery fire		attack		user makes others glow.	
	163. cure blindness	self
	164. dark vision	self