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Re: CF: bombs can grow experience of any skills

> From: KAWAMOTO Yosihisa writes:
> In Crossfire JP mailing list, it is a well-known fact that bombs
> can grow experience of any skills.  Is this a bug?
	yeah. this is a bug. And it seems to fall in line with 
	other spell-casting bug that wont give exp. I have been
	trying to track this down (on and off between work) and
	I have to admit Im frustrated. Has anyone recently hacked
	on the spell code besides me?

	The patch that you give for create bomb--its correct, but 
	it should already be taken care of by set_owner. Why
	set_owner is not working is the problem. Is it possible 
	that a bomb can be created and get_owner returns an owner?
	(before set_owner has a chance to do so..) Odd that it is
	programed that way.. but perhaps I need to look closer.

	In the next few days, Im planning to take a look at all 
	of the places that set_owner is used by the spell code--
	cast_cone, fire_arch, create_bomb, fire_bolt, etc. Some
	place is goofed up perhaps. Or maybe set_owner needs a 
	further (*sigh*) revamp. I hope not. But this problem with
	intermittant experience awards for spell casting (and 
	xp going to the wrong skills!) is a serious one.