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Re: CF: Crossfire crashes

On May 2,  4:27pm, GESTIONNAIRE DU Casino wrote:
> Subject: Re: CF: Crossfire crashes
> On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Brian Thomas wrote:
> > 	I posted some patches a few weeks back that appeared to
> > 	fix the problem for most people. Did you apply them too?
> >
> > 	Look for the patches in the file lit.tar.gz in /pub/thomas
> > 	on
> I did apply them and the server keeps on crashing. Less frequently, but
> still crashing. One player reported 6 crashes within an hour of play
> (once in a shop, 5 times in various maps).
> ---
> Casino
>-- End of excerpt from GESTIONNAIRE DU Casino

 Just to verify: Are you using 0.92.4?

 At least for me, 0.92.4 seemed stable (no crashing.)  Now maybe internally,
some things weren't working.

 On the other side of this, anyone look into the spell casting altars much?  It
certainly makes things like non spellcasters having a better chance at
survival.  Not sure if the prices is are really that good (10 gp for detect
magic, 25 for detect curse.)  Probably not too bad.  It casts more than those
values to buy a scroll of that, but you get less than that if you try to sell a
scroll (will vary based on charisma.)

 Probably some of remove curse/remove damnation might be nice.  Even things
like heal spells could be interesting.