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Re: CF: Re: Free Time

>>>>> "RGG" == Rupert G Goldie <> writes:

 [ About which image format to use in crossfire ]

 RGG> Definitely don't want lossy compression. We also want to control the 
 RGG> size of the colour pallette, so all the images need to share the same
 RGG> colours and indexing. 

I think PNG would be very usefull. There are several reasons:

 * You could have some images 8-bit and some truecolor, in the same
   image format. Of course, 'small and simple' images could just as
   well be fewer bits.

 * PNG supports alpha channels, which means we could have anti-aliased
   images, semi-transparent ghosts, etc ...

 * PNG is an open format (RFC 2083). There is a free library, which
   would make it rather easy to use in crossfire ...

// Rasmus Kaj
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