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Re: CF: Re: Free Time

>> 1. Do some of the massive rewriting of the server
>>    that's been needed forever.  The idea would be
>>    to improve the innate quality of the code to make
>>    diagnosing and fixing bugs and or adding functional
>>    enhancements easier in the future.
>> 2. Java.  I'd guess a Java Applet in an HTML browser would
>>    be the preferred approach for a client.  I don't think
>>    there's much rationale for a Java server.
>Here's an idea: modify the server to remove the reliance
>on X bitmaps/pixmaps. That way, we can make clients that
>use other gfx subsystems (OpenGL, windows bitmaps, maybe
>jpeg/gif for the Java port). If nothing else, this will
>allow us to create high defintion bitmap versions. Of
>course, I'm still working with version 0.92, and this
>might already be implemented and I'm just sounding like
>an idiot....

I don't know if it would be worth it. Xpm format is very nice,
esp. for small pictures like crossfire. I'm not sure you could
get good results with other formats.

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