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CF: apartments

This was probably all hashed out while I was off the list when the
feature was first added, but in case it sparks some ideas:

I really like the idea behind the apartments, but I think it needs
some rethinking to work on a popular server (like any public server,
once a client that runs under Win95 is released, I expect).  The two
main problems I've seen are that the first players buy up all the
apartments (possibly even buying more than one), leaving later players
without that option, and when the server is upgraded, it is all too
easy for the apartments to be returned to their original state.

I think a better solution might be to have an apartment or house map
(or even several) be a hidden item in the player's inventory.  Of
course, it might get weird to have a player inside something in his
inventory; I haven't looked at the code to see how messy this would
make things.

Perhaps you would still have to buy a house or apartment, but there
would be an unlimited supply.  And since they are saved with the
character, you wouldn't worry that any upgrade would erase your stored
stuff unless it also erased your character (not normally a problem).
I could see different cities offering different accomodations, some
tiny apartments, some multi-room houses.

Now an aparently unrelated complaint I've had is that you can't change
where a word of recall or death will cause you to show up--it's always
that same central square.  Why not change it to returning you to your
apartment?  (Or your most recently-visited apartment; possibly the
"first" one, if you change the order when you visit them.)

The only big problem with this is that it doesn't accomodate
accomodations for multiple characters.  Ideally, this could be
overcome with the party system (that would be a major overhaul).
Perhaps the current code could still be used, but somehow encourage
players to only use those apartments for parties.

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