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CF: Gnu-Win32 port

Excerpt from my README (a pseudo disclaimer of sorts):

   I really don't know why I'm making this available
   for people to download. IMHO, you should wait for
   a real port to Win32 and forget about this.

I'm making my sloppy hack/"port" of Crossfire 0.92.6 to GNU-WIN32
available to download at
It is _NOT_ a native Win32 port, however, if you have Win32, you
can run this "port" from your Win32 box if you obtain a Win32
X-Server (such as XWIN32 from or one listed at
the GNU-WIN32 site, You will not
need the GNU-WIN32 package.

Currently, the zip ( contains all files
necessary to run crossfire. A very sparse file containing some
porting notes is included plus a README containing instructions
to setup the stuff.


BTW - Ken, if you are still interested in making a 95/NT port,
I'd love to help.

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