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CF: pits bug

If you have boots of levitation, and use them to hover above a pit before
taking them off, you can end up standing on top of a pit without activating
it (aparently, it checks to see if you fall through when you enter the
square).  This is especially strange with one map that I encountered where
I was then able to pick up the pit.

If you're curious, the pit still worked just fine when I dropped it,
though you fall through to another place on the same map.  I managed
to escape a shop with (unpaid) items that way, though I had to pay for
them before entering another store, of course.  (I wonder if the
server would crash if I tried that on a very small map?)

A quick fix is to grep through the map files to find all of the pits
that can be picked up and make them unpickupable.

A better solution is to trigger a re-evaluation of the current square
when levitation ceases.


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