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CF: extra keybindings, vs status quo

An issue of keybindings has come up, while coding the java client.

Do people want to be able to bind keys in a case-sensitive manner?
In other words, are 30+ keys enough, or do people really want 60+ keys

The "problem" is that the current standard seems to be

control-<direction> is for running
shift-<direction>   is for missile fire

I think the simplest way to have extra keybindings to to be for shifted
values. 'a' vs 'shift-a'.  The problem with that, being that you'd then
have to use alt-<direction> or meta-<direction> for missile fire

What do people thing about this?

[I'd PREFER not to make that stuff configurable. But if enough people
  can honestly say they would personally use it, as opposed to
  "Well, I think 'someone' would appreciate it", then I'll see what
  can be done]
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