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Re: CF: client/server sound status?

>>>>[From ]
    I have a few questions, though.  For instance, what would you think
    about using .wav files by default?  The current code was originally
    designed for rplay, using Sun's .au files.  Now it is possible to use
    different drivers for playing sounds, and they support a variety of
    sound formats (.au, .wav, and others).  ...

    Then comes the
    question of what format these files should be in, especially if
    non-UNIX clients are being developped.  Although the .wav files are
    horrible, they are a de facto standard and are now supported by most
    systems.  So would it be wrong if crossfire was using that by default?

Well, not being biased or anything, but I think .au should still be the

[Java only supports 8-bit 8000mhz .au format, still. :-)
 The java client is mostly likely going to be THE "non-UNIX" client,
 and possibly even the UNIX client too, in my not-so-humble estimation]

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