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Re: CF: Crossfire server and edit help

I recently built PerlMagick (perl using Imagemagick library) and I was
really impressed with it's capabilities.  As crossedit does so little
(show maps and items) then it should be relatively easy to rewrite in
into a language which allows much easier future modifications and

Perl would be nice since then you have easy access to an extremely capable
regexp handler.  So finding connections would be an easy builtin
expression but an user specified search could search maps for the hints
to a riddle (if found the answer) or all references in other maps
to this map.  And so on.

It should also be easy to make customized menus.

Also, was there ever any decision on going to PNG bitmaps from XPM?
Presumably, that would affect work on cressedit.


On Apr 29,  5:08pm, The Gecko wrote:
> Subject: Re: CF: Crossfire server and edit help
> On 29-Apr-98 Mark Wedel wrote:
> >  Just as a note - I know there are lots of complaints about the editor.
> > is probably something someone could work on without having to know the guts
> > of
> > the server quite as much (editor is really just about manipulating objects,
> > and
> > less aobut how they work.)  Anyone want to volunteer to revamp the editor?
> What's the direction you'd like to see the editor go in?  That's a project I
> could probably handle AND I have the spare time.

 Other input might be useful.  Perhaps a wishlist of what the editor should do,
and then we can get into what might be reasonable.

 As a note, I don't consider the editor really that bad right now, so whether a
complete rewrite or just clean up of the current one is in order is hard to

 So, things off the top of my head:
 1) Able to trace/find connected items (ie, I have a lever connected to 99,
what else is connected to 99, and where on the map).
 2) Better handling/display of multiple items on one square.  Right now, the
stacking option is used, but at some level, that still doesn't work out very
 3) Perhaps some method of seeing the maps the player sees it (ie, apply
darkness now)
 4) Better handling of linking objects via point & click.  What I mean by this
would be putting down a lever and a grate, and having some simple mechanism to
just link the grate and lever linked - right now, you need to go in and change
teh connect value.  Something I could see would be selecting all the items, and
some option of 'make new connected links'.
 A similar thing for exits (ie, you select the exit, click 'make exit', and
then click on another space, and it makes all the value.)

 Those are the only things off the top of my head.  On the other hand, I am
much more a map maintainer than map maker, so those people who pretty serious
make maps might have some other thoughts/features they want.


-- Mark Wedel

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