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Re: CF: Crossfire server and edit help

>>>>>[From Preston F. Crow]
>    The editor should hide all internals from the user.  If an object
>    is stored internally reusing some field from a monster object with
>    a different meaning, the editor should refer to the field by the
>    alternate meaning.
>Very true. On the other hand, that means that EITHER
>a) the editor has to be updated every time a new arch is added.
>b) There needs to be an archetype-to-editor field mapping system.

Or we finally fix it so that everything means what it says.  And then
crossedit could read the object header file to learn the names of
all possible fields.  And if we use unions to prevent growth of the
object size then crossedit could still read object.h and add the little
bit of code of how to determine which union struct to use.

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