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Re: CF: Crossfire server and edit help

On 01-May-98 Preston F. Crow wrote:
> I played with the editor several years ago, but I didn't make much
> progress on building maps.  I found the experience to be very
> frustrating.  The primary problem is that it felt like you had to
> understand a lot about the internals of the program to create maps.
> For example, when editing fields on an object, there were lots of
> fields with names that didn't make any sense for that type of object.
> Something that isn't alive with hit points?
> The editor should hide all internals from the user.  If an object
> is stored internally reusing some field from a monster object with
> a different meaning, the editor should refer to the field by the
> alternate meaning.
> --PC
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That's a good point.  I remember my experience at working on maps... That is
probably one area that could use improvement -- the attribute entry screen
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