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Re: CF: cone bug fix

Scott Wedel () wrote:
> It would be real nice if the recommended patch/change included a
> few sentences saying what was believed to be wrong and the effect of the
> change.  And these sentences should be incorporated into the code so
> there aren't future confusions.

Well, in 0.94.1 it is impossible to kill monsters which are more than
1 field in size (wizards, jessies...) with face of death, since the
spell just goes around these monsters.

So I started looking at spell_util.c, since this seemed like a good place
to start. I diffed the new and the old spell_util.c, and found there aren't
very many places that were different, cone movement seemed the most
appropiate change to undo.

Interesting enough, the spells now pass over the monsters as usual,
but don't necessarily kill them. It seems the bugfix is incomplete :-(

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